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We stock coffee form our own roastery in Wicklow town as well s a select few other brands. Try our Roasters choice Coffee subscription, you will not be disappointed. 
Peru  Belen Quiquuira Geeen UNROASTED Coffee 1KG Cupping Score 85.25Profile:  Red Plum, milk chocolate, maple syrup, clean and sweet with round mouthfeel. Roast Profile; Give this coffee a little extra development (maybe 21 -22%) and you will be rewarded with a deliciou..
Rwandan Red Bourbon Green UNROASTED COFFEE 1kgCupping Score 86.25Flavour Profile Bergamot, black tea, lime, red plum, cocoa and toffee sweetness with round heavy body.Roast Profile; Take to medium, medium light roast, keeping the roast a little shorter will help bring out the lighter flavours ..
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