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Green Coffee

Green Coffee for Home roasting 
Colombia  Huila Caturra  Green UNROASTED Coffee 1KGAbout the coffee This coffee comes from the same farm as our Pink Bourbon, while it is a lower cupping score it is still an outstanding coffee. The farm has belonged to the Becerra family for more than 45 years. Jose Fernando Bec..
Peru  Belen Quiquuira Geeen UNROASTED Coffee 1KG Cupping Score 85.25Profile:  Red Plum, milk chocolate, maple syrup, clean and sweet with round mouthfeel. Roast Profile; Give this coffee a little extra development (maybe 21 -22%) and you will be rewarded with a deliciou..
Rwandan Red Bourbon Green UNROASTED COFFEE 1kgCupping Score 86.25Flavour Profile Bergamot, black tea, lime, red plum, cocoa and toffee sweetness with round heavy body.Roast Profile; Take to medium, medium light roast, keeping the roast a little shorter will help bring out the lighter flavours ..
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