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Brand: Bodum Model: K18440110
Bodum Assam Tea Press & Pavina Glasses Gift Set:Contains Bodum Assam Tea Press & Pavina Glasses Gift Set: 1.0 Litre Assam Tea Press 2 x 0.35L Pavina Double Wall Outdoor Glasses..
Brand: Bodum Model: 455910
Bodum PAVINA® 2 pcs glass, double wall, medium, 12 oz..
Brand: Bodum Model: 304001
Bodum SCHIUMA Milk frother, battery operated.While we do like the Bodum Frother, if you are looking for genuine silky smooth microfoam we suggest the Nanofoamer  The perfect foam is to coffee what icing is to the cake – it's not perfect without it. The days where mouthwatering lusciou..
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