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Coffee Brewing

Coffee Brewing
Fellow Stagg [X] Pour-Over SetNail the delicate craft of pour-over every time. Built for stability and consistency, the flat-bottomed Stagg [X] Dripper features a unique hole and bump pattern for no clog drainage and optimal extraction. Use the ratio aid to get the correct amount of coffee and br..
Flair Bottomless 2-in-1 PortafilterThe Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter is the ultimate in Espresso Made Right with the Flair’s standard brewing head. Created as the next evolution for any standard brew head product, like the NEO, Classic and Signature, the Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter allows for f..
Flair Classic Espresso With Pressure Kit The Flair Classic is the original manual Flair espresso machine. In this price category there is no other machine that delivers true espresso. This manual espresso machine can easily generate 9 bar pressure (or more). Thanks to the included pressure ..
Flair Classic Manual Espresso MakerThe unique design of the Flair makes it the best way to craft, by hand, a rich, full-bodied, cafe-quality espresso at home. It’s also portable, durable, easy to maintain, and a lot of fun to use. Comes complete in a custom carrying case making it easy to take i..
Flair Neo Flex Manual Espresso Maker The Flair NEO Flex is the successor to the revolutionary NEO. In this price category there is no other machine that delivers true espresso. This manual espresso machine can easily generate 9 bar pressure (or more). Thanks to the red pressurized porta..
Flair Pro PortafilterBuying the PRO 2 Portafilter allows Flair-istas to easily pack a second shot that can be ready for brewing immediately after pulling your first shot on your PRO 2. Brew for two with an extra portafilter!*Does not include the spout or dispersion screen. Both sold separately. ..
Flair Shot MirrorThe Flair Shot Mirror is the perfect tool to use to ensure you’ve got front row seats to your espresso extraction. Lower the lever and watch the magic happen with ease. This Shot Mirror will provide immediate feedback on your pull to help identify channeling or tiger striping, an..
Brand: Hario
Hario "Cafeor" DripperAuthentic aroma without paper filters.Introducing a specialized stainless steel mesh filter which allows coffee oils to pass through when brewing. This enables you to enjoy the true aroma unique to coffee.This dripper can be placed directly on a mug. ..
Brand: Hario
Hario Bloom V60 Buono Drip Kettle - 800mlThe new Hario Bloom series is an eco-friendly alternative to your favourite Hario products. 100% plastic free, Bloom packaging is now available across a number of best-selling Hario lines with a new modern and clean box design.Hario V60 Buono drip kettle i..
Brand: Hario
Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot Red 600MLHario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker (Red) - 600mlThe Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker is the easiest way to enjoy cold brew coffee at home from Hario; simply fill in the filter cone with your favourite coffee, add room temperature spring water..
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