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Brand: Flair Espresso Model: 680016210455
Flair 58 funnelFunnel for the Flair 58 and other 58mm portafilters...
Brand: Flair Espresso Model: 647213148275
Flair Bottomless 2-in-1 PortafilterThe Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter is the ultimate in Espresso Made Right with the Flair’s standard brewing head. Created as the next evolution for any standard brew head product, like the NEO, Classic and Signature, the Bottomless 2-in-1 Portafilter allows for f..
Brand: Flair Espresso Model: 691034822418
Flair Pressure KitThe Pressure Gauge Kit is the perfect upgrade for any Flair Classic or Signature. Flair-istas now have precise control of their brew pressure throughout the entire extraction. The easy-to-read gauge face immediately shows when you’re brewing in the needed range for espresso. Fr..
Brand: Flair Espresso Model: 647213148220
Flair Pro PortafilterBuying the PRO 2 Portafilter allows Flair-istas to easily pack a second shot that can be ready for brewing immediately after pulling your first shot on your PRO 2. Brew for two with an extra portafilter!*Does not include the spout or dispersion screen. Both sold separately. ..
Brand: Flair Espresso Model: 608816210448
Flair Shot MirrorThe Flair Shot Mirror is the perfect tool to use to ensure you’ve got front row seats to your espresso extraction. Lower the lever and watch the magic happen with ease. This Shot Mirror will provide immediate feedback on your pull to help identify channeling or tiger striping, an..
Brand: Flair Espresso Model: 797822791826
Flair steel tamperIf you want more precision with your neo, this tamper is a good choice. It’s also compatible with the Flair Classic and Signature models...
Brand: Happy Tamper Model: HAPTAMP-DG
Happy Tamper Grey The Happy tamper is the perfect tamper; adjustable pressure, automatic leveling and much more ergonomic than a classic tamper..
Brand: Hario Model: VKB-120HSV-BLM
Hario Bloom V60 Buono Drip Kettle - 800mlThe new Hario Bloom series is an eco-friendly alternative to your favourite Hario products. 100% plastic free, Bloom packaging is now available across a number of best-selling Hario lines with a new modern and clean box design.Hario V60 Buono drip kettle i..
Brand: Hario Model: VDC-01W
Hario V60 01 White Ceramic DripperHario V60 Ceramic Coffee Dripper 01 WhiteMaking great coffee became much easier ever since the Hario V60 ceramic dripper came along. Amateur coffee enthusiasts are able to produce supreme coffee quality by using the exact coffee equipment from Hario that professi..
Brand: Hario Model: VCF-02-40W
Hario V60 02 Filter Papers (40) Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers - Size 02 - White (40 sheets) An eco-friendly alternative to the original and best V60 filter coffee papers from Hario, now with 100% plastic free packaging. Designed to perfectly fit the iconic Hario V60 dripper in size 02. ..
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