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Bare Coffee Roasters Colombia Narino: La Cristalina 250g

Bare Coffee Roasters Colombia Narino: La Cristalina 250g
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Bare Coffee Roasters Colombia Narino: La Cristalina 250g

Altitude: 1,800-1,950
Cupping Score: 86
Profile: Fragrance/Aroma: Chocolate, Mellow, Fruity, Caramel, Vanilla, Yellow Fruits, Lemongrass.
Taste: Fruity, Creamy, And Balanced Residual Flavor: Fruity pineapple and lemongrass – Prolonged Persistence – Moderate Astringency
Acidity: Bright Citrus- Medium Intensity Body: Medium/Consistent- Juicy Texture

About the coffee

Farm owner: Fernando Diaz Diaz. The farm has belonged to the Diaz family for more than 60 years. Fernando Diaz is a farmer in the third of his generation. Farm information: La Cristalina is a farm of around 25 hectares. It is a farm where crops are grown under shade and very good heights, with more than 60 years of tradition

Benefits of our subscription coffees

  • Never run out of coffee
  • Freshly roasted, we roast all coffee to order
  • Save money, we offer a slight discount for subscription coffee
  • Cancel anytime, just log into your account and pause, or cancel your subscription anytime
  • Roasters Choice, you get to try something exciting and new every week or month.

What should I order?

If you drink one or two cups a day the 250g bag fortnightly should do fine.

If you are drinking more 250g weekly, or for better value, the 1kg bag monthly subscription would work best.

Offices, depending on the number of staff, a 1kg bag of coffee gives about 45-50 coffees, a weekly 1kg subscription would usually do a small office.

With our subscription service you can pause, cancel, change your subscription at any time form your own account.

Please Note pricing is + Shipping (€5 in Ireland) this is added to your subscription at checkout.

Please Note Espresso Grind; As all espresso machines are different we can not guarantee a correct grind. We grind for a standard domestic espresso machine.

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  • Weight: 1,000.00g

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