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Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880244
1Zpresso J-Max hand grinder1Zpresso J-Max hand grinderThis is the latest 1Zpresso espresso grinder. Thanks to it’s 48mm conical burrs, it’s really fast!The external adjustment ring has 9 numbers, with 10 clicks per number. So 90 clicks per rotation, with a resolution of only 8,8 micron!This is a g..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880114
1Zpresso JX hand coffee grinder1Zpresso JX hand grinderThis is 1Zpresso’s dedicated pour-over hand grinder Thanks to its 48mm conical burrs, it’s really fast!The internal adjustment ring has 10 numbers, with 3 clicks per number. So 30 clicks per rotation, with a 25 micron resolution.This is a fant..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880138
1Zpresso JX-Pro Hand Coffee GrinderThe 1Zpresso JX-Pro coffee grinder is suitable for both pour-over and espresso. The fine adjustment allows you to find your “sweet spot” for espresso easily and employs the same burr as the JX grinder which makes a balanced filter coffee Durable 48mm conic..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880305
1Zpresso K-Max manual coffee grinder Ideal for pour over or espresso ADJUSTMENT RING - Over 90 clicks on the dial ensure you have 100% precision control fine or coarse grind. The specialized stainless-steel heptagonal conical burr is ideal for a variety of brewing methodsEnhancing St..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880169
1Zpresso K-plus hand grinder EspressoThis is 1Zpresso’s premium hand grinder for both pour-over as espresso, with fast 48mm conical burrs.It has stainless steel K-burrs, and with its 90 clicks per rotation and 22 micron resolution, it is ideal for all slow-brew coffee methods and espresso.The ext..
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