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Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880244
1Zpresso J-Max hand grinder1Zpresso J-Max hand grinderThis is the latest 1Zpresso espresso grinder. Thanks to it’s 48mm conical burrs, it’s really fast!The external adjustment ring has 9 numbers, with 10 clicks per number. So 90 clicks per rotation, with a resolution of only 8,8 micron!This is a g..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880138
1Zpresso JX-Pro Hand Coffee GrinderThe 1Zpresso JX-Pro coffee grinder is suitable for both pour-over and espresso. The fine adjustment allows you to find your “sweet spot” for espresso easily and employs the same burr as the JX grinder which makes a balanced filter coffee Durable 48mm conic..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880305
1Zpresso K-Max manual coffee grinder Ideal for pour over or espresso ADJUSTMENT RING - Over 90 clicks on the dial ensure you have 100% precision control fine or coarse grind. The specialized stainless-steel heptagonal conical burr is ideal for a variety of brewing methodsEnhancing St..
Brand: 1Zpresso Model: 4710462880169
1Zpresso K-plus hand grinder EspressoThis is 1Zpresso’s premium hand grinder for both pour-over as espresso, with fast 48mm conical burrs.It has stainless steel K-burrs, and with its 90 clicks per rotation and 22 micron resolution, it is ideal for all slow-brew coffee methods and espresso.The ext..
Brand: Bodum Model: 1116001UK3
Bodum BISTRO Electric coffee grinder BlackThe BISTRO Blade Grinder takes coffee beans from coarse to fine quickly and efficiently for fresh brewing • Strong, durable stainless steel cutting blade that spins at a precise RPM • Transparent lid allows visibility to achieve desired coarseness • Easy,..
Brand: Hario Model: MSCS-2DTB-BLM
Hario Skerton Plus Coffee MillHario Bloom Skerton PLUS Ceramic Mill Hand Coffee GrinderThe new Hario Bloom series is an eco-friendly alternative to your favourite Hario products. 100% plastic free, Bloom packaging is now available across a number of best-selling Hario lines with a new modern and ..
Brand: Hario Model: MSS-1DTB
Hario Mini Mill Slim Coffee grinderIf you want more precision with your neo, this tamper is a good choice. It’s also compatible with the Flair Classic and Signature models.Hario Mini Mill Compact Hand Coffee Grinder (MSS-1B) with Ceramic BurrsIf you are looking for a compact, lightweight grinder t..
Hario Skerton Plus Coffee Mill
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Brand: Hario Model: MSCS-2DTB
Hario  Skerton PLUS Ceramic Mill Hand Coffee GrinderA sense of achievement that you get when you grind coffee beans yourself is unique. Wake up and smell freshly grinded coffee by no one else but you with improved Hario Skerton Plus coffee grinder.Coffee grind consistency and sturdiness are j..
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Brand: Hario Model: MMCS-2B
Hario Skerton PRO Ceramic Coffee GrinderHario Skerton PRO Ceramic Coffee Grinder Make the stunning Skerton PRO hand grinder part of your morning ritual. Set the kettle to boil, grind your fresh coffee beans, brew and enjoy delicious cup of coffee every morning.The Skerton PRO manual grinder h..
Brand: Hario Model: EVCG-8B-E
Hario V60 Electric Coffee GrinderDesigned to grind directly into a Hario V60 dripper using a switch pad. The coffee grinder boasts 44 grind-size settings giving you choice while grinding. This means that it is ideal for Hario V60, Hario syphon, Hario water dripper and anything else in between.The..
Brand: La Cafetière Model: LCGRIND3
La Cafetière Small Manual Coffee GrinderThis manual coffee bean burr grinder from La Cafetière makes grinding beans easier. It's easy to use and made of durable, stainless steel and glass. Fitted with ceramic grinders which grind evenly, consistently and will never rust. It won't effect the tast..
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